Monday, July 23, 2012

putting up, part II

in my ongoing quest to reduce food waste, i spent my rainy sunday afternoon juicing and making pizza. sounds weird, but those two things are the fastest ways for us to use up produce. 

i used the surplus of fruits to make super yummy juice: peach, plum, blueberry.  i bought a breville juicer two years ago when i went on a cleanse after a particularly bad deadline. the kind where you eat greasy pizza and takeout every night of the week and work until late, six or seven days a week. where you condition your body to crave sugary, caffeinated drinks and candy to get you through the long days. anyway, i did the cleanse to recondition my body to normal. very hard, but worth it. so since then, i have LOVED fresh juice. especially anything with peaches - peach, apple, and grapefruit is the best! the colors are awesome and it gets frothy at the top. perfect sweetness. strange photo, i know, but this is the juice right when it comes out of the juicer. love!

and i make pizza to use up veggies & herbs on their way out. no photo, because it was ugly (sorry!). it had leftover grilled rosemary chicken, basil, spring onions, and chopped tomato with mozzarella and parmesan on my homemade whole wheat crust. 

we also had a productive house shopping weekend: dining room sideboard and master bedroom dresser off craigslist, 1950s advertising proof lithograph from the georgetown flea, and dining room chairs from overstock.  can't wait to finish a room to post the photos! : )

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