Sunday, November 17, 2013

new numbers

i haven't been doing a lot of projects around the house. i've been doing a lot of movie-watching. and hanging out with friends. and traveling. hopefully inspiration for a substantial and productive project will strike soon : )

recently, phil and i changed out our address numbers. the existing ones were brass and installed above the top porch step, making it hard to see. we also had a little rot problem with the trim along the porch, so we were trying to not draw attention to that area.

i had my eye on the neutra house numbers from design within reach. i kept hoping they would go on sale, but they never do. oh well. we ordered them anyway : ) 

they arrived in neat little boxes, each individually packaged. we decided to use the pin-mount method, which lifts the numbers away from the house. it adds depth and i wouldn't do it any other way. we chose the black numbers, hoping the contrast would help with visibility. i love aluminum, but this time function won over form. 

the numbers came with mounting templates. we tried them in several locations and with different spacing between the numbers.  we decided to install them on the porch post, running vertically, opposite our flag. the templates made installation so much easier - we just taped them up and drilled pilot holes. 

the standoffs included for pin-mounting were friction fit into the holes. we put a little caulk around the pins to make sure they were nice and snug.

et voila! now our front door is now wonderfully framed by our flag and our new house numbers!!