Sunday, May 20, 2012


so the house is fairly empty... and I like it. I've never had an issue choosing colors, shopping for furniture or deciding on a direction. but for some reason, I am dragging my feet at getting things really started. I mean, we're looking and finding a few things, but I don't feel my normal urge to paint everything in sight and make it 'mine.' maybe because for once it really is? who knows?

I have ideas, and Phil has ideas, but we have different ideas of acceptable budgets :) we went to another estate sale this weekend, but didn't find anything big (I love going through the big old houses, though!!). we have everything we need to live very comfortably in the house, so we'll just be patient and it will be put together eventually... the photo is a chair we found at a garage sale last weekend for $5!! so slowly but surely I'll find my motivation and paint the walls and see some curtains :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


what a productive weekend!

due to some unfortunate family health issues, I've been keeping busy to try to keep from worrying. it didn't totally work, but at least we got a lot done. and I find peace when doing repetitive actions, like gardening. as much as we enjoy the house, being so far from family is the worst. it seems all will be okay, but not being there to help is excruciating.

so I potted tomatoes and eggplants, laundered pillows, cleaned pots and pans, vacuumed, unpacked boxes, moved furniture... I had never washed pillows successfully before - did you know you can use clean tennis balls in the dryer to re-fluff? amazingly effective.

we went for our first glover park run - holy cow, there are hills!! I feel like I've done 50 squats!!! and that's a lot for me, by the way :) it's beautiful, though. so quiet and secluded. running also helps me clear my head - and it's a great time for prayer.

we had people over for the first time, just some front-porch sitting. even though our families are far away, we are blessed to have sweet and supportive friends.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

week two!

we are slowly moving through the boxes, I have a functional kitchen and a place to watch tv. the floors are beautiful and the white walls are so clean! it's actually encouraging me to clean because it looks so great :) we'll see if I keep it up...

so the commute is not very fun. I've tried different ways, but it's always close to (or over) an hour. which is rough because it would be a 15 minute drive. since we only have the one car and phil uses it for work, that is not an option. and buying a second car is not an option either - parking is tight in this neighborhood!!

off to help assemble a wardrobe, but here are s couple photos: the amazing refinished floors and our existing furniture being completely inappropriate for the new house. haha... we have a bit of shopping to do!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

moving in

we're in - and it's a mess! moving during real life is tough :) we did our first project, re-caulking the downstairs shower. it took way longer than expected and was a MESS!
we love love love our neighborhood!!! the neighbors are so sweet and friendly, we are so lucky to be on this block. the former owner of the house came by yesterday and she confirmed how wonderful everyone is... hooray!