Sunday, May 20, 2012


so the house is fairly empty... and I like it. I've never had an issue choosing colors, shopping for furniture or deciding on a direction. but for some reason, I am dragging my feet at getting things really started. I mean, we're looking and finding a few things, but I don't feel my normal urge to paint everything in sight and make it 'mine.' maybe because for once it really is? who knows?

I have ideas, and Phil has ideas, but we have different ideas of acceptable budgets :) we went to another estate sale this weekend, but didn't find anything big (I love going through the big old houses, though!!). we have everything we need to live very comfortably in the house, so we'll just be patient and it will be put together eventually... the photo is a chair we found at a garage sale last weekend for $5!! so slowly but surely I'll find my motivation and paint the walls and see some curtains :)