Sunday, May 13, 2012


what a productive weekend!

due to some unfortunate family health issues, I've been keeping busy to try to keep from worrying. it didn't totally work, but at least we got a lot done. and I find peace when doing repetitive actions, like gardening. as much as we enjoy the house, being so far from family is the worst. it seems all will be okay, but not being there to help is excruciating.

so I potted tomatoes and eggplants, laundered pillows, cleaned pots and pans, vacuumed, unpacked boxes, moved furniture... I had never washed pillows successfully before - did you know you can use clean tennis balls in the dryer to re-fluff? amazingly effective.

we went for our first glover park run - holy cow, there are hills!! I feel like I've done 50 squats!!! and that's a lot for me, by the way :) it's beautiful, though. so quiet and secluded. running also helps me clear my head - and it's a great time for prayer.

we had people over for the first time, just some front-porch sitting. even though our families are far away, we are blessed to have sweet and supportive friends.

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