Monday, July 2, 2012

lights out

worst thing about the neighborhood: overhead utility lines. storm blew through last Friday, and our power was knocked out by the wind. they are expecting it to be out for a week! so many beautiful old trees down, and we are so lucky none fell on our block! no damage yet (except spoiled food!). not everyone was so lucky... I'll try to get a photo of a ridiculously large tree down near georgetown's campus. cars were smashed all along Massachusetts ave.

here's hoping the power is restored early - it is not dropping below 90 degrees all week! so grateful we are blessed with generous, sweet friends who are letting us stay with them : ) have I mentioned how blessed we are?? I cannot say it enough. thank goodness all our friends emerged unscathed and the power will be back on soon. potential purchase: battery-powered large fan...


  1. So sorry to hear about the electricy outage. :( Hoping you guys have power now?