Saturday, July 14, 2012

miss piggy's room

painting and color theory are things i'm supposed to be good at; i went to architecture school, i work in design, i took art. i had private watercolor lessons where i wasn't allowed to use white, black or brown but had to make those colors out of the main colors, for goodness' sake. i actually enjoy it - it's relaxing. i make myself a big drink - like the iced cafe au lait above : ) - and turn the music up loud. and even better if i can convince someone else to do it with me. our house came fully stocked with paint supplies in the garage: brushes, rollers, trays and liners... the joys of a benevolent seller that lives cross-country and has been renting the house out : ) all we need to do to paint a room is run to the hardware store that is 3 blocks away. it couldn't be easier.

i wanted to paint the guest room white, with a whisper of pink. i have friends with gorgeous pink rooms (alycyn & olivia), and i had seen it online... refreshing but relaxing, a tad feminine.  i want to pair it with dove grey and crisp white linens, a metal bed, and a tall, white lacquered dresser. maybe an industrial bedside lamp, mounted to the wall. simple vacation photos or framed black and white family photos on the wall, and a plush rug.  our mirrored side table as a bedside table holding a walking guide to georgetown, smart trip cards for the bus, freshly cut hydrangeas, and a glass water carafe.  i had a vision.

this is not it. this screams "newborn baby girl" and phil is horrified.  he literally said that it looks like miss piggy's skin.  i had ace hardware match farrow & ball's mallow, which looked perfect as a tiny swatch. but as it started going up in the dark room, i just couldn't keep defending my choice (phil was questioning me as soon as i took it from the guy at the hardware store - "you're painting my room PINK???").  so we're off to a housewarming party, hoping that as it dries it either mellows out or will make a great base coat.  oops... thank goodness this didn't happen when i blindly chose colors for the professional painters when we refinished the walls downstairs!  crossing my fingers to be pleasantly surprised when we get home tonight.

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