Saturday, December 1, 2012


for those who know me, you know i go through phases. rather intense phases.
i decided i liked baked potatoes and ordered them at every restaurant for the next several years. every. single. time. except mexican restaurants. duh.
i air-dried my hair and then pulled it back into a low bun as a 17-year-old. i wore it that way almost every day for the next five and half years.
i bought a few bright sarongs at the san diego zoo one summer and wore them as skirts at least once a week for two years. with sweaters in the winter.
i decided i like ballet flats and wear them regardless of weather. seriously. my dad got SO mad at me when he came to visit me in denver at thanksgiving. it snowed and i had no traction.
i listen to the same albums on repeat until the cd skips.
i don't just read one book - i'll read the entire series in quick succession. followed by several more in the same genre (nerd alert).
i ate the same lunch from kindergarten to senior year, for goodness sake. creamy peanut butter, honey and sprinkles on wheat. try it, you'll love it : )

so in the spirit of my totally healthy and random phases, here are my (current) obsessions...

neon indian - polish girl and washed out - feel it all around. on repeat. all day.

nachos in the broiler. with chives from the garden

french braids


ARE study guides from jennypdx. because i'm cool like that.

dark and stormies - winter cousin of the moscow mule


rockstar diaries' eleanor

bailey's - the first errand when the wind starts is to the liquor store

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