Friday, December 7, 2012

cyber monday

i love to shop. LOVE. sometimes i enjoy the hunt more than the actual kill... i can look for hours. and hours. and hours. and my plan of attack for each room is to build a scheme around the rug. typically, you start with fabric, or an existing piece of furniture/art/etc (ps - watch sarah 101 to see how she builds her schemes - it's so interesting!). however, given our relatively large spaces and limited budget, i am starting with rugs. i'm also pretty slow at putting together patterns. i enjoy it, but it doesn't come naturally. at work, i don't typically deal in color - much less pattern. i deal in space : ) also, working at a big firm on commercial design projects REALLY skews your sense of appropriate budget! commercial furniture and fabric is very different world from residential. well, the residential world that i live in!

we have been scouring craigslist, onekingslane, gilt, rue la la, 1st dibs, crate & barrel, pottery barn (because i get a designer discount!), ebay... and have only bought two. the first was in the basement of an estate sale in cathedral heights. it is a bit ratty, but found a home in the dressing room/closet. the second is a persian-style rug phil found on craigslist. he bought it while i was out of town. the size is amazingly perfect, but it has a bit of pink. hehe. okay, more than a bit. i still like it! and i'm always impressed with phil's amazing hunting skills. seriously.

so anyway... cyber monday sales. amazing. gilt ran some crazy clearance on nuloom rugs and i found one!! it is 9x12 and reasonably priced, even with shipping. it came in 10 days. in a GIANT bag.

phil brought it inside, but had to go out for work. so i came home to a giant tootsie roll in the living room! hooray! i somehow got it upstairs by myself - thank goodness for the plastic bag : ) 

i vacuumed the bedroom and moved a bunch of furniture. 

love love love this pattern!!! the hardest part was lifting the bed alone. i probably should have waited for phil, but i wanted to surprise him with something finished : ) especially since i'm prone to leaving things partially complete for entirely inappropriate amounts of time. like the half-folded laundry in the guest room...

in the room! night-time iphone photos don't look that great... but i'm very happy. loving the scale of the pattern. and it will look amazing with grey walls, striped curtains and a dreamy painting. i have one panel of the restoration hardware curtains already - phil used to work for an industrial building owner that happened to own a building with a restoration hardware warehouse : ) awesome sales!! i should have bought every curtain i saw - silk drapes are expensive. hoping that some of the after-christmas sales are good so we can keep moving forward!

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