Wednesday, August 15, 2012

experiments in gardening

i take no credit for this rose. i inherited it. but i love it. i never thought i was a rose person... until i have them like crazy! they're tiny little roses. swoon.

i'll take all the credit for this one. unfortunately. you can see the sad little yellow tomato. all by its lonesome : ( they're partly droopy because i need to water them. but i think they may also just not be doing well. i have a bit of work to do this fall/winter to get the tiny bed ready for next year!!

this experiment was more successful. i let part of my basil go to seed, which means i let it flower and then dry up. then i sprinkled the seeds into small pots full of potting soil. this is about a month later! prolific, beautiful basil starts. for free : ) and so healthy and yummy. nothing too crazy, just normal basil. and actually the original plant is from whole foods. just a cheap-o small start picked up on sale. that was over two years ago - i've nursed it through winters and started little off-shoots to have basil year-round. 

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