Friday, April 6, 2012

it's finally happening!!

well... we searched [seriously] for a year, made six offers, went through two contracts.  but it's happening! we're finally buying our first house : )  it's a gorgeous 1929 rowhouse in glover park.  we LOVE the neighborhood - phil can't wait to fly our aggie flag on game day!  the houses are full of southern transplants, and everyone hangs their college colors.  we have a strip of stores/restaurants/bars on wisconsin avenue and are only a few blocks from the naval observatory (and the vice president's house!).  there are parks and trails, and everyone has a front porch.  it feels more suburban than our current area in rosslyn.  

i've decided to blog about our adventure - our first house, exploring a new neighborhood, decorating, gardening, entertaining on a budget, maybe a little renovation.  my wish is that it helps our families and friends back in texas feel closer.  please be patient as i learn the blogging process : )

hotel dickinson opens april 19!

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