Sunday, April 22, 2012

...and the work begins.

wallpaper started coming down today - a six-man crew was here bright and early. 7am was rough after an all-day bachelorette party yesterday : )

it looks so much worse than before. tearing out the wallpaper has exposed cracks, large holes, and reminders of art that has hung on the walls over the past 80 years. there are several layers: blue, flocked, aged yellow, unidentifiable brittle brown. the intermediate effect is a patina that faux finishers strive to achieve. not us. we are struggling with the 'perfect' white. the flooring contractor starts wednesday and the pressure is on.

we've spent two nights here now. having spent our married lives in small apartments, the space is a little unsettling. we can't constantly talk to one another from anywhere and sleeping with so much emptiness around us is bizarre. this will all change as our things are moved in and the basement is filled with a tenant. and the hope is to not fill it up with 'stuff' but to slowly acquire furniture we love.

still in total amazement that we are in a house, and it's our house. we are so blessed. excited for the weeks ahead as we make this our full-time house!!

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