Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cosmo couture 2012

so remember when i said i was working on a dress for a charity fashion show? well, it was for cosmo couture, which is an incredibly fun event benefiting a wonderful cause. twenty-ish design firms all over dc are paired with sponsors and then challenged to create a runway look based on a theme. all ticket proceeds go to my sister's place, which provides services for victims of domestic violence.

this year the theme was red star, a painting in the corcoran museum's collection. we were paired with HBF and decided to use textiles and furniture elements to get the layered, textural feeling of the painting. our team used scraps from the cutting room floor and drapery fabric to create a full, layered skirt. the bodice was studded with hardware that is used to conceal hinges on the interior of casegoods. it was heavy! here is a photo from a fitting.

it took a team of about eight people ten days construct. we are not expert seamstresses! the day of the show, i was lucky enough to get my hair and makeup done by a professional.

her name is hannah and she works at pr at partners in reston - go try her!! in addition to being talented, she is super sweet. she teased my hair for HOURS. no seriously. this is all my hair!

and this is me in the finished dress...

and this is me walking the runway!!!! i didn't fall!!!!

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